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Information to know:

  • Unfortunately, VSI can not handle online payments. The payment must be made exclusively with the passenger's bank card, any other card is refused. The Consulate accepts no other means of payment.
  • Visa exemptions: Nationals of the following countries with an ordinary passport are exempt from visas if staying less than 90 days: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia , Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Togo and Togo. Non-exhaustive list may change at any time, contact us for verification.
  • Transit : it is possible to stay in transit for 24 hours with the ticket of continuation (except Americans for which the visa is obligatory).
  • Children: A complete visa application must be completed for each child.

O Minors traveling alone : Provide in addition to the formalities Tourism: an authorization to leave the territory of both parents + copy of the family booklet + copy of the parents' identity documents

O Minors traveling with one of the parents: Provide in addition to the formalities Tourism: Permission to leave the territory of the other parent + copy of the family booklet + copy of parents' identity documents



  • VSI order form in duplicate
  • Original passport valid 3 or 6 months after the scheduled return date depending on the type of visa desired, with 3 free pages
  • 2 identical identity photographs, original in color (not scanned) pasted on the form
  • Letter of mission from the French company indicating the reason and the dates of the trip, addressed to Mr. Le Consul - Click here to obtain a model
  • Letter of invitation from your original correspondent preferably (scanned copy of good quality in colors accepted), indicating the reason and the dates of the trip, addressed to the embassy of Nigeria in Paris with the complete address - Click here to obtain a model
  • NEW: Extract Kbis or Certificate of Incorporation from the Nigerian company (copy accepted): example ICI
  • Copy of the air ticket or itinerary
  • Color printing of the visa application form filled in online that must be dated and signed by hand (black and white printing tolerated at the moment but may at any time be refused). Form to fill out: click here.
  • Printing of the message that the order is dispatched or delivered after payment of the visa fees online. The payment must be made exclusively with the passenger's bank card, any other card is refused. The Consulate accepts no other means of payment

Warning: The online payment of a multiple visa entries does not imply that this type of visa will be issued. To obtain a multiple visa entries you must have a previous visa in the presented passport.

  • For European nationals outside France: Provide in addition a proof of address
  • For foreigners residing in France (outside Europe): Provide in addition a copy of the residence permit valid for another 6 months after the return as well as a proof of residence
  • Note: Yellow fever vaccine is mandatory



List of documents required subject to modification by the Consulate:

  • VSI order form in duplicate
  • Visa application form in 5 copies (form IMM22)
  • 5 identical color photos, not scanned
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months with 3 free pages
  • Curriculum Vitae in 5 copies
  • 5 copies and translations of degrees and diplomas - translations made by a sworn translator and legalized by the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (we can take care of translations and legalizations)
  • Letter of employment with the acceptance of the responsibilities of immigration on behalf of the expatriate in Nigeria in 5 copies
  • Copy of the approval of the quota of the Nigerian company in 5 copies
  • Letter of introduction from the employer in France, including the physical address, telephone number, duration and detailed program of the trip in 5 copies
  • Letter of acceptance of the job offer in 5 copies
  • Note: Yellow fever vaccine is mandatory


Procedure for filling in the online form and payment of consular fees

Registration of the visa application to be made via the Consulate website or via the following link: click here

Complete the form and print it at the end before validating because it is impossible to return to the input later.

When filling in the online form a question asks for the amount of money available for the trip: you have to put a simple number without specifying the currency otherwise the registration is not validated

This process includes online payment by credit card via a Google service. During the procedure, the site issues a reference number and an ID number and therefore asks for the opening of a personal email account to access Google / Yahoo which allows payment referring to these numbers. After payment, return to the site provided with your ID application and the reference number and print (section "status status") the payment receipt noted "payment confirmed"

Payment must be made with the passenger's personal bank card otherwise payment is refused.

The consulate refuses any other means of payment (check or cash), even on the spot.


Normal Delay

Warning :

Deposit on Monday and Wednesday

Withdrawal on Tuesday and Thursday

Closed on Friday

1 week or so

Urgent deadline

Suspended for the moment

Application of visas to the consulate, possible only on MONDAY and WEDNESDAY.
The withdrawal is only possible in the afternoon, TUESDAY and FRIDAY. Therefore we can not relivr the same day records by sewing.

Consular costs (visa fees )

Consular fees must be paid when registering the online form.

Warning: The online payment of a multiple visa entries does not imply that this type of visa will be issued. To obtain a multiple visa entries you must have a previous visa in the presented passport.

Validity of visa

Business: Visa valid for 3 months from the date of issue for stays of 3 months maximum

Nigeria must leave Nigeria after expiry of visa

  • Single entry: The visa is valid from the date of issue for a period of 90 days, arrival and departure must take place during this period. The duration of the permitted stay is 90 days.
  • Multiple entries: The visa is valid from its date of issue for a period of 90 days, entries and exits must be made during this period. The duration of the permitted stay is 90 days.

These recommendations are to be qualified for missionaries of large companies who circulate with important means of security and benefit from safe relays in the country.

The terrorist risk, combined with military intervention in Mali but also more generally in the internal and regional context, remains strong in Nigeria. This risk is manifested by indiscriminate or targeted bomb attacks, most recently on 14 April 2014 and 1 May 2014 in Abuja, with a high frequency in the states of Bauchi, Borno and Yobe. It also resulted in kidnappings followed by killings of foreign nationals, mainly in the Sahelian strip and in the neighboring regions: abduction of a Frenchman in December 2012, succeeding the dramatic ending of the kidnapping of several Westerners but also Lebanese And the assassination of several Chinese nationals.

Red zone:
Consequently, the displacements are formally discouraged (red zone):

  • In the north, in all of the 18 Northern States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT): Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina, Kano, Jigawa, Yobe Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Adamawa, Niger, Nassarawa, Plateau , Taraba, Benue, Kogi and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) (except the city of Abuja in orange).

In addition to the terrorist risk, the risks of kidnapping and indiscriminate attacks demand the utmost vigilance on the whole of Nigerian territory.

  • South East :

• As a result of continued attacks and kidnappings, Bayelsa, Rivers (with the exception of the Port Harcourt capital, in the orange zone), Delta, Akwa Ibom, Abia, Imo, are classified in the red zone.
• Maritime piracy: The maritime zone bordering the Nigerian coast is classified as a red zone, due to piracy, for unsafe cabotage and boating.

Orange area:
In general, areas classified as orange are characterized by a high risk of serious criminality, particularly kidnapping. Unnecessary travel plans should be avoided in the current security situation in the country. For the French whose presence is imperative in the orange zone, extreme caution is recommended. They will restrict their travel to what is strictly necessary and will comply with the recommendations in force to take account of the worsening terrorist risk in Nigeria, particularly in the North.

Large cities
Several attacks have been committed in the federal capital. The latest, on April 14, 2014 in a suburb of Abuja, killed more than 80 people. It confirms the operational capacity of the terrorist sect Boko Haram despite the strong presence of the security forces. Previous attacks had occurred in 2010 and 2011.
In addition, attacks are frequent in Lagos and Abuja, including in residential areas. The situation remains dangerous in the vicinity of the two big cities (especially Lagos-Cotonou road by Badagry).

Community Conflicts in the Middle Belt
In addition to these identified risks, there has been a resurgence of community conflicts, varying in intensity, but which can occur in various parts of the territory. It is therefore advisable to be informed precisely of the situation prevailing locally before undertaking any journey inside the country.

General recommendations
In the whole of the country, behavior must be adapted to take account of this context:

  • It is imperative to travel to the whole country to be met at the airport by known and identified persons and to be accompanied at the end of the journey. Cases of people kidnapped at airports have been reported in past years. For the Delta region, almost military security measures are taken by the oil companies, the main employer in the region.
  • It is recommended not to move on foot in town and, by car, to drive closed windows and locked doors; Avoid leaving your hotel or residential areas at night. Insecurity is manifested by day and night attacks on roads and in cities, including homes, by armed groups in search of money, valuables or vehicles.
  • When traveling, it is necessary to vary the itineraries as much as possible whatever the mode of travel, to monitor or have his vehicle monitored and to be attentive to the movements around; It should be ensured that traffic restrictions are not imposed and that public transport is avoided.
  • When traveling between cities, it is advisable to travel to several vehicles, not to drive at night, to drop off his itinerary and his schedules, in particular to the Consulate General of France in Lagos or, for the north of the country to the consular section The Embassy of France in Abuja or the Honorary Consulate of Kano. It is also advisable to be escorted by security guards or even police protection (MOPOL) in the south-eastern regions of the country and not to drive your own vehicle, as roads are extremely dangerous due to frequent accidents And their poor condition.
  • Keep away from mobs (brawls in markets, traffic accidents); Frequented public places such as places of worship should be avoided especially on dates of high symbolic significance (major religious, Christian or Muslim festivals and major public events).
  • Do not carry large sums of money or his identity papers and travel documents (keep copies on himself); Avoid taking pictures in public places.
  • Do not use your credit card, because of the risks of fraudulent use.

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Opening hours of the Consulate:

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Open on Monday and Wednesday for the filing of applications. The withdrawals are only on Tuesday and Thursday.

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