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If you want us to legalization and legalization of your adoption records, please send us your application in one copy together with a global paycheck to order VSI to the following address :

VSI Service Adoption

2 Place des Hauts Tilliers

92230 Gennevilliers




The city council must absolutely note the name and status of the signatory whatever the endorsement on each document


document title

USEFULL Information


Cover letter

You need to do is wear your town hall marked " Not for certification of the signature ( your name or two for a couple) "

27 €

Approval / Social Survey / Survey psychological / The notice if necessary

You must send us the originals or certified copies by the General Council or the Mayor of your city

Do not copy copy

Join more to the archives of the Ministry in Paris 2 photocopies not covered Accreditation

27 € by document

Birth certificate of the adopters and marriage

We send the original extracts , copies are not accepted

27 €

Health Checks

Translated into French on the document itself

You need to legalize these documents by the National Medical Association or notarize the signature of the practitioner by the Mayor who must sign the statement: " Not for certification of the signature (physician's name)"

27 € by document

notarial certificate if you own

Check that bears the Marianne

The commercial seal of the notary is not enough

You may encounter difficulties in obtaining the notarial certificate coated Marianne . In this case specify your notary the circulatory letter no 1012 of the Supreme Judicial Council authorize this procedure for private deeds , to be produced abroad

We want this document to you if necessary

The notary will propose you to make copies of your deed instead. Do not accept because this procedure has a cost that can be avoided and your lawyer from the obligation to comply with regulations.

On the other hand , the Town Councils no longer have the right , as a rule , certify copies of this document. This rule does not apply for documents to be produced abroad and you can insist if necessary.

27 €

Employer attestations taking wages

To simplify the task , make copies of the original and be carried by your City Hall the words' certified copy of the original "

Unnecessary in this case to authenticate signatures

27 € by document

Criminal record (1 per adult)

Send us an original of less than 6 months

27 €

Financial situation of adopters

Notarize the signatures by the City

27 €

Other infos

All buffers and markings must appear on the printed page. A certification made ​​on the back of a document, if it is blank, is denied.

The city hall must record the names and status of the signatory mention any range on the document





COST OF VSI Service:

 120 €

Return of documents:

€ 33.60 Chronopost

Free if you join us a stamped envelope to the recommended rate

Delay :

15 days





  • Do not omit to indicate on the order form enclosed your address and phone number so we can reach you in case of problems . 


  •     If the check amount is incorrect we will not block the file. We demand any difference or refund the overpayment .


We wish you all good luck in your efforts .


The adoption Service : Christine and Max